Enos A. Mills Genealogy
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Mills is a very common name.  There are over 700 people with the surname Mills in Colorado alone.
In a national list of the most common names, the surname Mills ranks at #149. 

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Because of the historical and familial connections between Enos and Elkanah J. Lamb,
we have made note of Elkanah's parents, Esau and Elizabeth Lamb with a *.

Related family names by marriage:
Lamb, Moon, Mendenhall, Hockett/Hoggatt, Underhill, Rich, Beeson, Newby, Pierson, Maris, Embree,
Albertson, Stanley, Glendenning, Nicholson, Charles, Gosby/Gosbey, Atwood, Bailey, Simson.

For the sake of privacy, no one thought to be living is listed on this page. 

Enos Abijah Mills' Parents:
    Father: Enos, born 26 December 1834, died 17 February 1910 near Richmond in Wayne Co., Indiana. Married Ann Lamb on 28 August 1855 in Dallas County, Iowa.
    Mother: Ann Lamb, born in Grant County, Indiana on 8 November, 1837, daughter of Josiah and Ruth (Lamb) Lamb. Died 4 March 1923.
    Enos became a prominent farmer in Sheridan Township.
    From Enos' obituary in the Pleasanton Enterprise:
" I was born in Wayne County, Indiana, near the town of Richmond, of Quaker parents. I moved to St. Joseph County, Indiana, 1835 where I lived until I was 18 years old, and helped to make a farm in that densely timbered. Went to the state of Iowa in 1850, afoot there were no railroads further west than Peru, Illinois, 90 miles west of Chicago, crossed the Mississippi at Rock Island and Iowa City, which was then the capital of Iowa; went to Dallas County, 50 miles west of Fort Des Moines, and engaged in freighting with ox teams from Keokuk.
    Was married to Miss Anna Lamb on the 28th day of July, 1855. We left for Kansas on the first of May, 1857. Eight families arrived in Linn County on the 6th day of June, 1857, where we have resided ever since.  We came for the avowed purpose of helping to make Kansas a free state; how we succeeded is long since a matter of history.  Here, on the border of Missouri, our trouble began.  Frequent raids from Missouri border ruffians, killed our neighbors.  For  seven long years we remained as a picket post.
    In 1860, my brother, Enoch, and cousin the Rev. E. J. Lamb, my wife and self, took the Pikes Peak fever and left on the 14th day of April, 1860; went via Lawrence,  Topeka, Manhattan, up the Republican River until we intersected the Military road leading from Leavenworth to Fort Kearney, and followed the Platte River 500 miles to Denver.  There were hundreds of Souix Indians on the road, but we were not molested.  Saw a war dance in the streets of Denver, by the Indians.  Our course from Denver was up the Platte River to South Park.  We stopped at the town Tarryall in South Park and did some placer mining for a short time and then crossed over the range where Breckenridge now stand on the Blue River.  There was just one house in Breckenridge, one barrel of whiskey, 25 cents per drink.  Mrs. Mills had the distinction of being the first white woman that ever crossed the range west of Tarryall.  we took a mining claim No. 2, above Bisooney.  It did not pan out right so I abandoned mining, I then took one of my mules and a pack saddle, loaded him with meat at the mouth Gulch and peddled meat to the miners.  I soon quit the meat business and stopped for a short time in a meat market where gold dust was legal tender.  I was then taken down with the     mountain fever, crossed the range on the 8th day of July with snow in places 15 feet deep. Mrs. Mills driving the mules as I was not able to sit up.  Three days landed us in the plains to Eastern Kansas a trip of 700 miles with  Indians in plenty for the first 500 miles, camping all alone."  Six weeks after Enos wrote the above account he died and was buried in the Lamb cemetery. 

            Children of Enos and Ann Lamb:
                    Augustus, born 22 May 1856; died 22 October, 1859.
                    Elkanah F., born 27 July 1857; died 2 November 1859.
                    Mary E., born 22 December 1858, died 16 February 1860.
                    Naomi Victoria, born 2 April, 1861, died 16 February 1891.  Married Moie Dodsworth. From an unknown newspaper: "Died at her home in Los Angeles, California, Mrs. Moie D. Dodsworth,  February 16, 1891, aged  29 years, 10 months and 14 days. Deceased was the oldest daughter of [Mr.and] Mrs. Enos Mills, of  Sheridan township Linn County, Kansas and was born and raised in the township where her parents now live.  She was greatly loved and respected by all who knew her.  She leaves behind to mourn her loss, a kind loving husband, father,  mother, brothers and sisters and many other relatives to whom she was very dear.  We can hardly realize that she is gone from us.  She was  buried in California.  She was a true christian, a kind loving wife and affectionate daughter and sister, but she is gone never to return to us, but we can go to her."
                    Ruth, born and died 2 March 1862.
                    Sarah A., born 23 March 1863, died 1922.  Married Charles T. Winslow.
                    Ellen [Ella], born circa 1865.  Married Mr. Zybach, in Grandview, Missouri, 1910.  Married Mr. Hart by 1923.
                    Sabina Isabelle [Belle], born circa 1868.  Married Mr. Wasson, in Oregon, 1910.  Married Mr. Carse by 1923.
                    Enos Abijah, born 22 April 1870, died September 21, 1922.  Married Esther Burnell, 12 August 1918.
                    Horace G., born circa 1875, in Kansas City, Missouri.
                    Enoch Joe., born 1879, died 3 Oct 1935.  Married Ethel M. Steere in May 1910.

Enos A. Mills' Paternal Grandparents:
    Enos Sr.'s Father: Abijah Mills, born circa 1801 in Ohio. According to a letter from Enos Sr. to Enos A. Mills, Abijah was born in Charleston, South Carolina. Married Sarah Moon, 2 September 1824.
    Enos Sr.'s Mother: Sarah Moon, born 8 January 1805. Also according to this same letter from Enos Sr., she was born in Gilford Co., North Carolina. Died 18 April 1862.
            Children of Abijah and Sarah:
                    Jesse, born 1826.
                    Susannah, born 4 March 1828, died 14 November 1857, married Sanford M. Fisher.
                    Dayton, born 1833.
                    Enos, born 1834, died 17 February 1910.
                    Enoch, born 12 May 1837, died 2 July 188?.
                    Samuel, born born circa 1840.
                    Emanuel, born 3 December 1839.
                    Neoma, born 1849.

Enos A. Mills' Maternal Grandparents:
   Ann's Father, Josiah Lamb, born 31 March 1817 near Richmond in Wayne County, Indiana, died in Linn County, Kansas 11 August 1862.
   Ann's Mother, Ruth Lamb, born 18 August 1821, Wayne County, Indiana, died 16 September 1862.
    Josiah and Ruth Lamb were first cousins, for Quakers this was "contrary to discipline", they were disowned on the day of their wedding by their local meeting. Josiah was an expert millwright. The census of 1850, listed Josiah an inventor and he received a U. S. Patent in 1850 for his "Improvement in Self-Waiting Table", a combination of lazy Susan and dumbwaiter. Ruth was a Quaker preacher. They were part of a group of forty to fifty people and their wagons who made a 300 mile trip to Linn County in southwest Kansas. Josiah was elected justice of the peace for Potosi Township in 1858. He was elected to the Wyandotte Constitutional Convention in 1860.
        Children of Josiah  and  Ruth Lamb:
                     Ann, born, Indiana, 8 November 1837, died 4 March 1923, married 28 July 1855, Enos Mills
                      Miles, born, Indiana, 15 January 1839, died 17 February 1917, married 25 August 1863, Nancy Helmers/Holmes
                      William Jonathan, born, Indiana, 22 February 1843, died 13 November 1906, married 3 August 1865, Anna/Rebecca Collins. Reverend William  Jonathan  accidentally killed by his own shotgun. In the Daily Headlight of Pittsburg, Kansas a week after his death "Forty years ago this same man cut considerable of a figure in the early history of Crawford county.  At that time, 1866, he was a young man and was one of the first settlers of the county.  It was him who was helping guard the home of Ralph Warner at the time of the Tippy boys (reputed cattle thieves) in Osage township. Lamb shot the fingers off one of the Tippy brothers in the shooting which took place in the house."
                      Lydia, born, Indiana, 1846; married 24 August 1863, David Lindsay.
                      Joseph, born, Indiana, 1847, married Jane Winters.
                      Benjamin H., born, Indiana, 24 November 1849, died 30 August 1862.
                      Mary Jane, born, Indiana, 30 May 1851, died 19 March 1862.
                      Susannah, born, Iowa, 1852, married John Collins.
                      Erma/Elizabeth, born, Iowa, 1856, married Henry C. Smith.
                      Calvin/Campbell, born, Kansas, 1858, married Ella Daly
Enos A. Mills' Paternal Great-Grandparents:
    Abijah Mills' Father: James Mills, born 17??, Ireland. Died after 1831, probably in Indiana or Ohio.
    Abijah Mills' Mother: Lydia Jay, born 3 December 1761, Frederick County, Virginia, died 18??.  According to the letter from Enos Sr., she was from Scotland.
            Children of James and Lydia Mills:
                    John, born 9 June 1783, South Carolina, died 2 February 1853. Married Prudence Thomas 4 March 1812..
                    William, born ca. 1784, died 2 February 1859.
                    Isaac, born 1786, died 2 April 1860. (more information follows on Isaac below)
                    James, born 9 September 1789, married February 1813, Elizabeth Brown.
                    Sarah, born 16 October 1791, Newberry County, South Carolina, died 27 April, 1814.  Married 1 January 1812, Andrew Hampton.
                    David, born 179?.
                    Curtis, born ?, died ?. Married 15 November 1821, in Waynesville, Wayne County, Ohio, to Sarah Stratton.
                    Elisha, born ?, died ?. Married 4 March 1819, in Turtle Creek, Ohio(?), to Anna Mills, daughter of Marmaduke and Patience Mills.
                    Abijah, born 1801, died ?.
                    Elizabeth Mills, born ?, died ?. Married David Sayre.
                    Patience N., born ?, died ?.
                    Aaron, born 1806, died 1863, Wayne County, Indiana, married 25 January 1826, Rebecca Small.

Enos A. Mills Maternal Great-Grandparents
       Josiah's Father, John Lamb, born, Guilford County, North Carolina, 16 June 1794, died, Dallas County, Iowa, circa 1858, married Lydia 29 September 1814.
         Josiah's Mother, Lydia Mendenhall, born, Guilford County, North Carolina, 3. December 1793.
         They were old-fashioned Quakers as were all the early members of that branch of the Lamb family. John was one of those forceful but unpretentious and modest characters who deserve a much better tribute then they will  ever get because of the passing away of nearly all who knew him. John became guardian of five of his younger siblings when his mother remarried in 1820.Federal censuses have the family in 1830 in Wayne County, Indiana, Mill Township, Grant County, Indiana in 1840, Monroe Township, Howard County, Indiana in 1850. John, Lydia, their two youngest children, John's niece Tamar went to Dallas County, Iowa in 1852.   
              Children of John and Lydia Lamb:
                      Hezekiah, born, Indiana, 16 July 1815, married 1836, Hannah Small.
                      Josiah, born, Indiana, 31 March 1817,  married Ruth Lamb, 12 October 1836, died 11 August 1862.
                      Miriam, born, Indiana, 24 December 1818, died 9 August 1869, married 18 January 1837, Snead Thomas.
                      Noah, born, Indiana, 11 August 1820.
                      Jehu, born, Indiana, 28 May 1822, married Mary Ann.
                      Celia, born, Indiana, 11 April 1824, married Mr. Thompson.
                      Abyram/Abiram, born, Indiana, 23 February 1826, married Nancy Pearson.
                      Naomi, born, Indiana, 25 December 1827, married 19 November 1845, Ison Pearson.
                      Aaron, born, Indiana, 29 October 1829, married 1845, Sarah.
                      John, Jr., born, Indiana, 9 October 1832, married 1845, Hannah.
                      Lydia, born, Indiana, 27 January 1834, married 15 October 1854, James M. Harper.

Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Grandparents
       Ruth's Father, Jonathan Lamb, born, Guilford County, North Carolina, 20 September 1800,  married Prudence, 25 February 1819.
         Ruth's Mother, Prudence Hockett, born, North Carolina, 16 April 1802.
                Children of Jonathan and Prudence Lamb:
                        Rebecca, born, Indiana,  29 December 1819.
                        Ruth, born, Indiana, 18 August 1821, married Josiah Lamb 12 October 1836.
                        John, born, Indiana, 4 October 1823.
                        Nathan, born, Indiana, 21 August 1825.
                        Betsy, born, Indiana, circa 1833.
                        Jonathan, born, Indiana,  circa 1836.
                        Tamar, born, Indiana, circa 1838; to Iowa with the John Lamb family in 1852.
                        Jesse T., born, Indiana, circa 1843.  

Enos A. Mills Maternal Great-Great-Grandparents
       John and Jonathan's Father, Josiah Lamb, born, Pasquotank County, North Carolina, circa 1771, married Naomi circa 1793, died between 6 January and 25
      February 1819.
     John and Jonathan's Mother, Naomi Underhill, born, Guilford, North Carolina, 3 December 1793.
      Josiah and Naomi first lived  in Randolf County, North Carolina, they then moved to Marlborough County, South Carolina. in 1804, they moved to Jefferson County, Tennessee, in 1805 they were in Warren County, Ohio. In 1807 they were in Miami County, Ohio, in 1814 they moved to Wayne County, Indiana where Josiah bought 30 acres for $30.00 of land on Knowlins Ridge. On 6 January 1819, he drew up a will, "unto my beloved  wife the use and benefit profit and income of all my Estate both real and personal while she remains a widow in order to bring up and Educate my Children; but in case she shall marry again she is to have one feather Bed only."
              Children of Josiah and Naomi Lamb:
                      John, born 16 June 1794, married Lydia Mendenhall, 29 September 1814.
                      Esom/Esau, born 2 December 1796, died young
                      Hannah, born 1 May 1798, married 12 May 1815, Russ Beauchamp.
                      Jonathan, born 20 September 1800, married Prudence Hockett, 25 February 1819.
                      Reuben, born circa 1802, died circa 1805-1807.
                      Ruth,born, circa 1804, married 1822, Mr. Cammock.
                   * Esau, born circa 1806, died 26 May 1883, married Elizabeth Moon, died 22 May 1887. Des Moines River, Iowa in 1842; St. Joseph County, Indiana in 1844, where he had a station on the  underground railroad into Michigan; Dallas County, Iowa circa 1852; Linn County, Kansas in 1857; Guthrie County, Iowa by 1864; Saline County, Nebraska 1870 and 1880. Esau and Elizabeth are buried near Swanton, Nebraska. Children of Esau and Elizabeth:  Elkanah J.,  James, Albert, in one of Elkanah's book's he states he had three brothers and four sisters.
                      Nancy, born circa 1808, married 29 September1821, Israel Elliot.
                      Elizabeth, born, 1810, married 7 October 1826, William Spray.
                      Reuben, born 4 May 1812, died Linn County, Kansas, 20 September 1862, married Catherine Hodges, both buried Lamb Cemetery, Kansas. Reuben was an active abolitionist and was on a list for killing by the Bushwackers. Children of  Reuben and Catherine: Mary Lamb Mills; Esau, Lydia, Louisa who married Bolivar Holmes; Isaac, and Josiah E.
                      William, born after 1814, married Amarinta Fult?, Lee County, Iowa by 1850; Linn County, March 1857, gave land to Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church  in 1863; Saline County, Nebraska by 1870.
                      Josiah G., born 1816, married first wife, Mary Vanwinkle, 17 August 1837 who died Linn County, 1859; Dallas County, Iowa circa 1852 then Linn County; married second wife, 29 November 1859, Elizabeth Campbell, Bates County, Missouri.

Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Great Grandparents
       Lydia Mendenhall's Father, Aaron Mendenhall, born 23 December 1751 in Virginia, died 26 December 1793, married Miriam on 17 January 1776, Center Monthly Meeting, Guilford County, North Carolina.
       Lydia's Mother, Miriam Rich, born 7 September 1757.

                Children of Aaron and Miriam:
                      James, born 24 October 1776, died 29 September 1811, married 16 November 1796, Rachel Thornburgh.
                      Moses, born 13 October 1778, died 26 May 1847, married 1st, 16 November 1802, Millicent Gray; married 2nd, 28 June 1806, Mary Benbow;  married 3rd, 1 July 1824, Ann Benbow, sister of Mary.
                      Dinah, born, 10 August 1780, died 16 April 1817, married 15 November 1798,  John Moon.
                      Miriam, born 28 November 1782,  married 24 November 1803, John Rich.
                      Aaron, born 4 March 1785.
                      Charity, born 28 June 1787, married 8 October 1807, John Benbow, brother of Mary and Ann.
                      Sarah, born 19 December 1790, died 18 February 1846, married 14 December 1809, Joseph Bond.
                      Lydia,  born 3 December 1793, married  29 September 1814, John Lamb.
Enos A. Mills Maternal Great-Great-Great Grandparents
    Josiah's Father Esau Lamb was born about 1735,  probably in Virginia, married Elizabeth 4 May 1757, died 8 March 1790, drew up his will 23 September 1788.
     Josiah's Mother Elizabeth Newby, born 30 December 1738, Pasquotank County, North Carolina.
       The family lived in Perquimans County until 1765, when they moved to Pasquotank County; in 1776 they moved to the part of Guilford County that became Randolf County and became members of the Center Monthly Meeting.

                Children of Esau and Elizabeth Lamb (born in North Carolina):
                      Dorcas, born 20 February 1758, died 2 May 1783, married 23 April 1777, John Bailey.
                      Miriam, born,  12 December 1762, died after 23 September 1788, married John Lamb.
                      Ruth, born 20 July 1764, died after 23 September1788, married Stephen Presnel.
                      Joseph, born 2 August 1767, died after 23 September 1788.
                      Elizabeth, died after 23 September 1788.
                      Josiah, born circa 1771.      

Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Great-Great Grandparents
       Naomi's Father, John Underhill
          Naomi's Mother, Hannah
          In 1802  John, Hannah and a daughter that was not Naomi moved from Guilford County, North Carolina to Jefferson County, Tennessee, in 1812, John and Hannah moved to Miami County, Ohio.

                Children of John and Hannah:
                      Naomi, married Josiah Lamb circa 1793.
Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Great-Great Grandparents
       Prudence Hoggatt/Hockett's Father, Moses Hoggatt, born 22 October 1770, North Carolina
          Prudence's Mother, Rebeccah Embree, 13 January 1773, South Carolina, died 10 June 1805

             Children of  Moses and Rebeccah:
                       Prudence, born 16 April 1802, in North Carolina, married Jonathan Lamb 25 February 1819, in Wayne County, Indiana, she was their youngest child.
Enos A. Mills Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
    Esau's Father Henry Lamb died 10 February 1761 in Rowan County, North Carolina.
     Esau's Mother Guliema, surname, birth date and date of death unkown.
      From William Ansel Mitchell's Linn County, Kansas  A History;  "Henry Lamb, one of early settlers in America came from England in the sixteenth century, settled in Eastern North Carolina; some years later, removed to the western part of the state."
     The family of Henry Lamb were in Nansemond County in southeastern Virginia, in 1739 they moved to Perquimans County, North Carolina, where they stayed for 21 years. Henry and some members of his family moved to Rowan County shortly before his death. In his will, three days before his death his second wife Elizabeth is named. Elizabeth died13 September 1774.

                Children of Henry and Guliema Lamb:
                      Thomas, born circa 1721, died after 1779, married Sarah Moore.
                      William, born circa 1723,  died 1757, married 6 February 1751, Miriam Newby.
                      Reuben, born circa 1725, died after 1779, married 4 August 1756, Martha Moore.
                      Isaac, born 1728, died 1784, married 18 February 1756, Elizabeth Nixon. Children of Isaac and Elizabeth: Phineas married Dorthy White; Restore married Millicent Winslow; Zacariah married Mirriam Griffith; Armager married Sarah Munden; Elizabeth married Thomas Stover; John married Sarah Smith; Joseph married Lovey Smith.  John and Sarah (Smith) Lamb's children: Hosea married Mary ?;  Barnabas married Ruth Bentley; Achsah married Exum Elliott; Ery married Rebecca Pearson; Miles married Nancy Modlin; Rachel marriel Charles Harred; Jemima married Joshua Trombled; Willis married Mary Newby; Phineas married Hulda Bundy; Issac married Catherine White; Lydia married Daniel Gwinn.
                      Mary, born circa 1730, married 1748, Joseph Sanders.
                      Esau, born circa 1735, died 8 March 1790, married 4 May 1757, Elizabeth Newby.
                      Joseph, born circa 1737, died after 1779, married 1761, Francis Beeson.
                      Bethia, born circa 1739, married 9 July 1761, Benjaman Beeson.
                      Elizabeth, born circa 1741, died 1801, married 7 June 1761, Samuel Osborn.
                      Jacob, born circa 1743, died after 1779, married 14 June 1764, Sarah Stone.

Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
       Elizabeth's Father,  Samuel Newby born 1701, died 1770, North Carolina.
       Elizabeth' Mother,  Elizabeth Albertson, born 1708, North Carolina
       They were members of the Perquimans Monthly Meeting.

                Children of Samuel and Elizabeth Newby:
                     Elizabeth, born 30 December 1738, married 4 May, Esau Lamb.  Was the eighth child of twelve children.

Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
         John's Father, Joseph Underhill
          John's Mother, Martha Oldham

                Children of Joseph and Martha:

Enos A. Mills Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
       Samuel 's Father, James Newby, born 1672, North Carolina, died circa 1742, North Carolina
         Samuel's Mother, Sarah Nicholson,  born 1682, died 1718

                Children of James and Sarah Newby:
                      Samuel,  born  1701, died 1770

Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
        Elizabeth's Albertson's Father, Nathaniel Albertson, born circa 1679
          Elizabeth's Mother, Abigail Nicholson, born 1689

                Children of Nathaniel and Abigail:
                      Elizabeth, born 1708, North Carolina
Enos A Mills Other Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
          Joseph's Father, John Underhill of Chester County, Pennsylvania

                Children of John and ?:
                      Joseph, married Martha Oldham

Enos A. Mills Other Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
          Martha's Father, Thomas Oldham of Chester County, Pennsylvania

                Children of  Thomas and ?:

Enos A. Mills Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
       James' Father,  John Newby , born circa 1652, died 1692
         James Mother, Magdalene

                Children of John and Magdelene Newby:
                      James,  born 1672, North Carolina,  1742, North Carolina

Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
       Sarah's Nicholson's Father, Christopher Nicholson, born 1638, England, died 1688, North Carolina
         Sarah's  Mother, Ann Atwood, Christopher's 2nd wife.
         Christopher was in Perquimans County by 1680.

                Children of Christopher and Ann:
                      Sarah, born 1682, died 1718

Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
       Nathaniel's Father, Albert Albertson, born circa 1642, died 1701, Perquimans County, North Carolina.
         Nathaniel's Mother, Mary Gosbey/Gosby.
         Albert and Mary were married in 1668, Berkley Parish, North Carolina.

                Children of Albert and Mary Albertson:
                      Nathaniel, born circa 1679

Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
       Abigail Nicholson's Father, Samuel Nicholson, born 1665, died 1727, North Carolina.
          Abigail's Mother, Elizabeth Charles, born 1672,  died 1748.

                Children of Samuel and Elizabeth:
                      Abigail, born 1689

Enos A. Mills Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
          John's Father, William Newby, born circa 1630 England.
           John's Mother, Isabel, died before1701.
          The William Newby family moved from Isle of Wight, Virginia and Nansemond County to Perquimans County, North Carolina in 1685.

                Children of William and Isabel:
                      John, born circa 1652, died 1692

Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
       Christopher's Father, Edmond Nicholson?, born England, died1660, Marblehead, Massachusetts.
         Christopher's Mother, Elizabeth Simson?
         Edmond was a fisherman, he drowned, his wife and sons were arrested in the death, charged with witchcraft, the evidence being they were "Quaker sympathizers".  All three were jailed, the two sons whipped in the marketplace, and forced to stand for hours under gallows with nooses around their necks.
          The family property was seized even though nothing was proved.

                Children of Edmond and Elizabeth:
                      Christopher, born circa 1638, England, died 1688, North Carolina.

Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
       Ann's Father, Thomas Atwood, born County Middlesex, England

                   Children of  Thomas and ?

Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
          Samuel Nicholson's Father, Christopher Nicholson, born circa 1638, England, died  1688, North Carolina.
          Samuel's  Mother, Hannah Rednap, first wife, of Lynn, Massachusetts.
          Following Christopher and Hannah's wedding they left Massachusetts.

                   Children of Christopher and Hannah:
                      Samuel, born 1665, died 1727, North Carolina

Enos A. Mills Other Maternal Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
       Elizabeth Charles' Father,  William Charles
         Elizabeth's Mother,  Abigail Bailey
         The William Charles family moved from Rhode Island to Albemarle Sound area, North Carolina  in the 1660's.

                   Children of William and Abigail:
                      Elizabeth,  born 1672, died 1748

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       Esther Burnell Mills

       Enoch Joe Mills

       Robert Henry Bremer Kiley

       Reverend Elkanah J. Lamb, author of  Memories of the Past and Thoughts of the Future,  Past Memories and Future Thoughts and  Miscellaneous Meditations

       William Ansel Mitchell, author of Linn County, Kansas A History published 1928

        Joan F. Curran, who compiled the Ancestry of Ethel Allene (Ragan) Bruening  - Ragan, Chiles, Winslow, Mills and Related Families  1988

        Margaret Waples   

         Dollie Jamison
        and to all the Mills and Lamb relatives who have supplied information or who have helped verify this information.             

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