"The Story of a Thousand Year Pine" by Enos A. Mills
This is a single story of a great old pine Enos was able to dissect when the loggers felled it. He revised it over forty times before it was published, and it became a classic in the world of nature literature. It is a fascinating romp through a millennium of American history, from its years as a little fragile seedling five hundred years before the landing of Columbus, to tribal wars of Pueblo Indians and axe-marks of Spanish conquistadors. This volume also has a poem by Arthur Chapman, an essay by Enos on the topic of writing, and letters from our archives. It's such a classic story that Eleanor Roosevelt wrote about it eight years after Enos died.

"It is almost a marvel that trees should live to become the oldest of living things. Fastened in one place, their struggle is incessant and severe. From the moment a baby tree is born--from the instant it casts its tiny shadow upon the ground--until death, it is in danger..." From "The Story of a Thousand Year Pine"
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