"Romance of Geology" by Enos A. Mills
Do you know that -- the Great Pyramid is made of shellfish? The Grand Canyon has been dipped into the ocean three times? We are sinking at the rate of one foot every nine thousand years? The Mississippi delta will soon be as large as one of the smaller Balkan states? Camels once lived as natives in the United States? The Niagara River is new, the Rio Grande is a vagabond, and the Tennessee a pirate? Chalk is made chiefly of skeletons?

"Romance of Geology" is one of Enos Mills' last books, published after his death in 1922. It is a great collection of stories of the lives of rivers, mountains, oceans and deserts, mirages and glaciers, for both the seasoned rock hound and the newly curious about the ways weather and elements have changed our world!

Enos A. Mills' many years of adventuring led to several books on the natural world and the fascinating stories he discovered in it.

We have included letters and other memorabilia from our archives to make your experience with Enos' stories richer and more enjoyable.
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