"Rocky Mountain National Park" by Enos A. Mills
"When one climbs a high pinnacle on the vast cathedrals of this world...one seems to mingle with the universe, and the subtle and changing panoramas of all time; all the glad hopes and dreams he may have had before are his again, and all life is a tranquil dream." - Enos A. Mills, from "Rocky Mountain National Park"

This book is the culmination if Enos' life and work in Estes Park, Colorado. Part of the book was taken entirely from his first published volume, "The Story of Early Estes Park and Grand Lake", with additional chapters that include "Guides Wanted", "Wilderness Etiquette", "National Parks and National Life".

Other chapters describe his work to create Rocky Mountain National Park, one of the most popular national parks in the United States, and the National Park Service.

Enos said, "I suppose the achievement of my life was the securing of the establishment of the Rocky Mountain National Park...[it was] the most strenuous and growth-compelling occupation that I have ever followed."

This is a great then-and-now perspective of how much Estes Park changed even within Enos' own lifetime.
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