"Enos Mills of the Rockies" by Esther Burnell Mills and Hildegarde Hawthorne
If you're looking for a good romp and want to know more about the Father of Rocky Mountain National Park, then this is the book for you. Even if you've read all of Enos Mills' books, it's a jaunty good read. Enos' widow, Esther Burnell MillS, wrote it with Hildegarde Hawthorne, the granddaughter of Nathaniel Hawthorne, and take you arm-in-arm through Enos' youth, his adventures, and his battles to create the Rocky Mountain National Park that still brings millions of people to Colorado to behold the natural wonders here. We've included several photographs of Enos throughout his life that are rarely seen.

Here's what another had to say about it:

“You will like this biography of a nature lover, an imagist of the Rockies, a man who truly loved the out-of-doors with a devouring passion that filled every waking instant of his life. That he became Colorado’s most celebrated citizen seems a positive marvel when one knows what he had to endure to make this fame possible. Writing, to him, was difficult, yet he mastered the art and left us a monument of books. He never cared for greatness, but he did literally ache to put down on paper the songs that sang in his heart, the vistas his eyes beheld, the dreams he dreamed and the triumphs he achieved in his study of nature, in his walking tours all over this country and Alaska. Colorado is all over this book. Enos is gone; but, oh, how he lives! He it was who gave our national park movement the exact impetus that started into being; and he it was who became the father of the Rocky Mountain National Park.” Clem Yore in the Colorado Springs Gazette
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