"The Adventures of a Nature Guide" by Enos A. Mills
This is by far our most popular book, and now it is in our newest edition! It appeals to parents, teachers, active outdoors enthusiasts and armchair adventurers. Used as a textbook in two colleges, Enos describes in beautiful detail how he came upon the profession of Nature Guides at Long's Peak Inn, now considered the field of Interpretation.

Chapters include "Snowblinded on the Summit", "Children of My Trail School", "Wind-Rapids on the Heights", "The White Cyclone" and "Play and Pranks of Wild Folk". We've also included the chapter entitled "Enda" by Enos' wife, Esther Burnell Mills, who was also the first licensed nature guide with the National Park Service.

This is a classic and not to be missed!
Click here to read an excerpt of "Snowblinded on the Summit"
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